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This website introduces the fine art photography of Pixels By Paul. Taken with the eye of a professional photographer and the latest high-end professional photography gear*, quality is the hallmark of these images. They are available:

  • As large fine art prints
  • In high resolution apps for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and
  • On this site, as app samples.
Click on the images or text links below to see the samples and learn more about the apps. There are currently 28 Pixels By Paul apps available in 4 categories, as follows:

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Nature Landscape Apps

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Wildlife Apps

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Travel Apps

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Objects of Beauty Apps

Large prints of these fine images are available for viewing and
purchase in the permanent Pixels By Paul fine art galleries at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel and Sloat Law Offices in Boulder, Colorado.

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All photographs on this website and in the apps are copyrighted by Paul L. Richman of
Pixels By Paul. Contact the author to discuss licensing for any use other than viewing here and on your devices.

This website also contains free
photography articles and blog entries by Paul Richman of Pixels By Paul.

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Leica M9 and the incredible M lenses, Nikon D3x with Zeiss and exotic Nikon glass, etc.

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